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Player races
Full Race Name Short Forms Plurals
The Solar Federation Federation, Fed Feds
The Lizard Alliance Lizard, Liz
The Empire of the Birds Bird, Birdman Birds, Birdmen
The Fascist Empire Fascist, Klingon
The Privateer Bands Privateer, Pirate
The Cyborg Cyborg, Borg Borg
The Crystal Confederation Crystal, Tholian Crystals
The Evil Empire Empire, EE
The Robotic Imperium Robot, Cylon
The Rebel Confederation Rebel
The Missing Colonies of Man Colonies Colonials
The Horwasp Plague Horwasp, Bugs 'wasps

VGA Planets Wiki

This wiki is intended to serve as a repository for information about the game VGA Planets, by Tim Wisseman: a turn-based strategy game designed to be played by up to 11 players. VGA Planets (or VGAP, or Planets) was released in 1992 as a BBS "door game", and is now played over the Internet via email or via Web interface.

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Although this wiki is largely intended to serve as a supplement for VGA Planets Nu, much information can also apply to VGA Planets Host 3.22.


Planetary Economics

Main Article: Planet



NuHost Add-ons

  • Explore Map: Historical add-on that significantly limits visibility of planets
  • Blitz: Fast-paced game that takes place on a much smaller map
  • Stellar Cartography: adds Nebulae, Asteroid Fields, and Star Clusters to the game.
  • Campaign Mode: adds a customizable campaign system where the player designs his own upgrades
  • Production Queue: Alternative construction system, allowing priority builds to go over the (soft) ship limit
  • Wandering Tribes: Alternative start condition with only STF's

Additional Resources